Hay day is one of the most popular games, and it deals with farm simulator. You can play these games on various devices, and this game was developed by Supercell. The entire game deals with the firm so in this article we are going to help you to know about the game in details. Here you have to do various activities like growing crops, tending the animals, making different stuff and collecting a huge number of coins.

Resources of Hay Day

Resources like the coins are known to be the main currency for surviving in this game. You can get the resource when you sell the goods which your firm will produce and use them for making some improvements in your firm. You can easily get these coins. The moment any visitor comes to the farm, they will buy the goods, and in exchange, you will get the coins. You can also choose roadside shops for selling your goods for making more coins. So for selling you have to harvest more and more firm goods and for that, you have to level up. When you level up, you will get various new buildings which you can buy with these coins.

Diamonds are also a great currency in this game. Getting diamond is quite tough than getting coins. So to get more free diamonds, you can use several ways.

Ways to earn more diamond

You can participate in the variously hidden chest that will give you diamonds. This hidden chest will be present in red tool boxes and for opening that you will need some diamonds. So it is a type of gambling.

Whenever you level up your game, you will get some hay day free diamonds.

There will be many free trailers that will be available near the mailbox. If you can watch them, then you will get some free diamonds.

In Hay Day you will see the Prize wheel which you can easily spin for getting diamonds. You can see this wheel near the mailbox.

There are many reasons why you need to have many diamonds in Hay Day. With the help of diamond and you can easily skip the timers but it would be a waste to use it wisely. Diamonds can also help you to buy many rare items which are the best way to use the Diamond. With the help of diamond, you can also add some extra slots in your building which can produce more stuff.

Beginners guide on the resources of Hay Day