Free fire Battleground is a surviving game where you will have to play with another opponent. You can play this game on your Android or iOS mobile devices and play it on the squad or solo mode. This game is so much popular because of the intense gameplay, smooth controls, regular updates, and graphics. There will be several weapons combinations or vehicles which you can easily use in this game.

When the game will start you will stand against 50 players who will log in to the game from every corner of the world and their only aim will be to survive. You can play using the squad or solo option and you will be given a parachute with the help of which you can easily land on the battleground but make sure you are not landing there and choose an isolated place. There will be an eject button that will help you to open your parachute. After landing your next move will be to pick up all the useful items and weapons. You can look for the items in the houses or buildings and start to explore the entire city while searching. So this is the basic part of this game. As The Island will keep on shrinking with every passing minute so you will be notified with a message that the safe zone is now shrinking and you are on the danger zone so you will have to jump to the safer place.

Tips for your survival

As you will be given the liberty of choosing the place from where you can start so never choose a place where all the opponents are fighting. Pick a place where you can easily hide from the snipers.

This is not exactly a shooting game so just having good shooting skills will not help you to survive. Strategizing properly is very important in order to avoid all your enemies for surviving in this game. If you are looking for your enemies from the start of the game then you are using a wrong move. Try to hide yourself till the end and when the opponents are approaching towards you make sure you are ready with all the useful items and equipment to kill them in one shot. You can also use the Free Fire Battlegrounds cheats for easily getting more resources.

While playing the game, ensure that you are using the headphone so that you can easily check the firing sound or the vehicle sound that your enemies will be making. This will not only allow you to be safe but you can easily hide yourself. You can easily listen to the shooting sound and quickly make an action. Without having a proper audio you can easily miss the alerts.

If you are a newbie in this game then this tips will help you to survive in the beginning for a long time. You should also choose the characters very wisely if you want to survive in this game properly. Always pick a weapon in which you can easily find your comfort and kill your opponents quickly.

Tips for the beginners in Free Fire Battleground