Clash Royale is a very popular game and is a mixed up of various types of genres. Here in this game, you will have to protect your tower and try to destroy the tower of the opponent. You can easily use a different kind of cards for summoning the Warriors or Troops and use the spells for defeating the opponents. Here in this game, there will be a timer for each group or team and your job will be to destroy the middle Tower.

As you cannot control the movement of the troops so you will have to start with the side Towers but by using strong troops you can easily break them. And there will be a timer that will click continuously and will give a time of 3 minutes within which they will have to destroy the middle Tower of the opponent and if they fail then both the team will get an additional 1 minute.

Strategies for playing the game

If you are aiming at pulverizing all three towers of the opponent then instead of putting efforts on the side towers it will be a great idea if you can destroy the middle one because only the destruction of the middle one can help you to win the game. But you will have to select strong troops because you won’t be able to control the movement of the troops because they will attack every first thing that they will see on their way. So even if you start with the side towers try to destroy it quickly so that you can move to the middle one, you might also want to check out some guides for getting gems in clash royale.

Always keep the decks ready because it is very important as it will help you to fight every situation. Always make the troop strong so that it can easily defeat the entire opponent. While you will be hitting the tower of the opponent for destroying then the opposing team will also hit your team. So try to take the archers who can easily aim by flying or the heavy hitters like giants. If you want to do a destructive attack then you can utilize the fireballs and throw them with the help of arrows.

If the time is running out in this game then you can use all the troops at once and destroy the opponent.

These strategies will help you play Clash Royale smoothly. You can also use the hacks for generating more resources for upgrading the tools and making them stronger.

Tricks for playing Clash Royale